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 An organization offering affordable online therapy in the UAE

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Who are we?

 Amal means “Hope”. The name was selected to inspire our people and make them feel safe and hopeful. And, telling them, “It's OK not to be OK

We are a community of counsellors and associates completely on voluntary terms; aiming to support the society engage through a safe emotional wellness process that is direct and authentic.

How is Amal Counsel different?

We are the only private counselling service in UAE; making reaching affordable and easily accessible. Amal Counsel offers emotional health and guidance on the values of hope, care, and gratitude.

Our Vision

A world where mental health is prioritized, and individuals are empowered to achieve positive mental and emotional wellbeing, creating a peaceful and more resilient society. 

Our Mission

To provide accessible and affordable wellbeing services, while also creating opportunities for future talents to develop and contribute to the field of mental health. 

Counseling at your own pace

Choosing a counsellor is already hard, and we don’t want to add to that. 

Each of our therapists understands the importance of your choice

If one of our counsellors isn’t the right fit, no hard feelings. We’ll make sure we do our best to find you a person who is, because you matter.

Counsellors that fit your needs

We have several counsellors who each add their own personality and specialty to the counselling process. 

When you fill out a contact form, you can either choose which counsellor you’d like or, if you’d like, we can do our best to select one for you, based on your interests and schedule.

Help when you need it

Getting help doesn’t require you to choose a counsellor just yet. 

When you fill out our contact form, we’ll get back to you within a day, often sooner. 

We know how hard it can be to reach out for help. A caring counsellor is ready to help you move forward today.

Our Services

Stress and anxiety

Children's mental health

Mental disorders

Relationship Counselling

Psychotherapy for Cancer

Career coaching

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Current and Past Events

Amal Counsel strives to promote mental wellbeing in our community through interactive webinars and events aimed at providing tips, resources, and strategies for personal and professional growth.